See What Customers are Saying about Hawthorne Oil

I have been using Hawthorne oil for a short while now, both for oil deliveries and service. Upon buying a new home I had them come out and service two oil burners, that although fairly new I just wanted piece of mind knowing they were all set and ready to roll. Jeff sent out a tech and they went through it thoroughly. Their philosophy is only to replace what needs to be replaced, and perform only the work that is actually needed rather than a one-size-fits-all service approach that most companies use. This is more time efficient for them, and cheaper for the consumer. I like.

Oil prices seem to be about on the lower end of normal. No huge cheap discount but if you pay within a week or whatever it is you do save $.10 a gallon. Usually delivered within a day or two of ordering in my experience, but I have never needed a delivery in a rush.
— Matt P.
Great business. Owner is a good guy, been having oil delivered for twenty years without an issue. Service calls are always quick and inexpensive. Highly recommended!
— Shaun C.
I’ve used Hawthorne Oil for the last 3 years and they’ve been extremely good.

I had a no heat emergency on a frigid day (12 degrees), and they came out an hour after I called them. They also promptly returned my 11PM on a Saturday phone call when the burner stopped and smoked when I restarted it. They came out to check it out just to be safe the next morning.

Maybe the moral here is that I should replace my 25 year old burner. If they weren’t so good, I probably would have had to by now.
— Geoff M.